Биогаз BIOGAS компрессорные технологии



Thanks to the careful design and production of our compression units, our systems are being used increasingly frequently in plants which use crude (methane) gas as well obtained from bio masses.

What makes them suited to this sort of application is the special attention we in Fornovo Gas pay to the components which come in contact with these gas mixtures in which particularly aggressive elements are often present.

Oil-injected piston and alternative compressors for biogas compression.

Raw biogas from a digester is produced at quasi-atmospheric pressures and often contains a lot of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and water, making these gases acidic and corrosive. Apart from these ‘normal’ biogas characteristics, the raw biogas is often contaminated with all sorts of trace elements which all have a harmful impact on the installation. For compressing raw biogas to low/medium pressures, FORNOVO GAS  deploys piston compressors which have proven to be much more resilient to these gases. Upgraded biogas can be used as fuel for a gas engine or turbine, or it can be compressed to high pressure by a alternative  compressor for injection into a gas pipeline.  

Air and biogas compressors for the treatment of residential wastage, as well as biogas of different origins (agricultural, forest…). FORNOVO GAS COMPRESSORS has manufactured compressor sets for multiple industries: from the treatment of industrial water by oxidation, to the processing of biogas coming from water and residential waste, CO2 and H2S separation from methane, etc.

Consequently, FORNOVO GAS  has evolved into a fully-grown industrial player in the biogas field. Our Solution reduce your environmental impact, due to low methane and CO2 emissions, and deliver an economically viable business opportunity.In biomethane ventures, Fornovo GAs reduces your risks by being your solid and committed partner for your investments. Through continuous innovation, we strive to safeguard your bottom line and bring you peace of mind.

We make compressors for different capacities and pressure, non-oil lubricated and 100% OIL FREE both our range in pressure is up to 350 barg cm and in volume normal range is upto 8000 cubic meter/hour and more as per customers requirement .

Natural gas and biomethane as its renewable alternative have found their way to end users for many decades.

Fornovo Gas offer a range of alternative gas and biogas compressors for applications such as natural gas delivery to  turbines and gas boosting applications.  These compressors are built with materials designed to cope with the harshest of environments and reliably compress gas such as methane, natural gas, landfill gas and other biogas.

Биогаз BIOGAS The compressors are designed and manufactured here in Italy.  The design concept focuses on safety and long term reliability.  All our gas compressors are ATEX rated and in compliance with European regulations.  Our technical team are trained to complete the commissioning of the compressors and to offer ongoing servicing and support.

The compressors can be offered as fixed speed or variable speed inverter driven.  The control systems are normally offered as safe area but ATEX control panels can be offered on request.

For multiple compressor sites, compressor management controllers can be offered to ensure that the compressors are running most efficienctly or on auto changeover.

We are also able to supply gas treatment systems, specialist filtration, drying systems and gas storage vessels.

The applications and required specifications are many depending on the site conditions and gas type, therefore please contact us with your enquiry.

Their increasing popularity in recent years is attributed to the general applicability of gas as an energy source and excellent long-term storage capabilities. Applications include heat for space heating and in industrial processes, and electricity in large power stations. Furthermore, natural gas is the base product in chemical refining, and is used to power compressed natural gas vehicles.



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