Извлечение метана из угольных пластов - Fornovo Gas Итальянское компрессорное оборудование

Извлечение метана из угольных пластов


There are many advantages to using gas lift to produce your well. Gas lift is very flexible to changes in production rates, water cut percentages, and gas liquid ratios. An abundance of existing gas in the formation can be detrimental to other artificial lift methods such as sucker rod pumps and electric submersible pumps, however an abundance of formation gas is an advantage to any Fornovo Gas Compressor lift system.

Fornovo Gas lift wells can be designed to accommodate almost any production volume thus making it more flexible to changes in well conditions throughout the entire life of the well. Initial cost of downhole equipment in gas lift wells is much less than for other artificial lift methods.

Aproperly designed & installed Fornovo gas Compressor lift system can be one of the most effective & economical means of artificially lifting oil & gas wells. The relatively low downhole and operational costs make this a very attractive means of producing wells. The abundance of formation gas in the areas is ideal for use of the gas lift process. The large amount of gas in this particular formation can cause operational problems for other means of artificial lift, but is beneficial to producing horizontal wells by gas lift.

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