100% Oil Free Компрессор из Италии

100% Oil Free

100% Oil Free Компрессор – Oil-Free air gas means there is no trace of compressor oil in the air or gas produced. Whether your activities are in pharmaceutical production, food processing, refining or chemical production, critical electronics, or in a similarly exacting industry, you cannot risk oil contamination.

The availability of 100% oil-free natural gas, nitrogen or air is often critical in maintaining the safe operation of your equipment and projects. Oil-laden air contaminates pneumatic systems, fouls critical instrumentation orifices, and produces unsafe environmental condensate. Our oil-free air gas  compressor FORNOVO GAS and services provide the compressed inert gases or air, air coolingor air drying solutions your company needs. 

When it comes to clean, oil-free compressed air gas for your critical processes, you can’t afford to compromise.

One bad batch can result in increased costs, or even a product recall. 100% oil-free air gas quality is paramount for the production process and the end product on which your reputation depends.
Air and gas compressors and accessories from Fornovo Gas have provided solutions in planned and emergency situations for more than 20 years, specializing in oil-free compressor applications. Significantly, Fornovo Gas is  exclusive producer oil-free compressed air/naturale gas line – the best brand in the business  signifying no oil present in the air and gas produced.

Fornovo Gas is to development of oil-free air  gas  alternative technology nearly twenty years ago. Its range of oil-free air gas alternative compressors are designed for critical applications that require 100% oil-free, clean gas or air. With Fornovo Gas 100% oil-free compressors, your business can eliminate the risks of oil contamination.


Since we introduced our first oil-free compressor in 2005, Fornovo Gas has continued to develop rugged, reliable, industry-leading compressor natural gas and nitrogen technologies. Today, we’re the experts in oil-free compressed nitrogen gas  methane air because our technological advances meet the specific performance needs in our customers’ industries. No matter what the application, Fornovo Gas oil-free compressors provide 100% oil-free gas or air in all operating conditions to reduce costly downtime, product liability and damage to your brand reputation.

  • Air or water-cooled packages


The heart of an oil-free gas air compressor is designed to prevent oil from entering the compression volume.

100% Oil Free Компрессор – A mechanism plus a number of proprietary features ensure that the methane or air you get is 100% oil-free. Fornovo Gas offers 2 , 3 and 4 stage industrial compressors for continuous running, without risk of oil carryover.  If you need clean, dry 100% oil-free gas methane air for your production process, you can count on Fornovo gas. When compressors go down or a planned outage is imminent, Fornovo Gas offers fast installation and reliable equipment to keep you up and running.
Compression takes place in two chambers above and below the main piston, as a result compression loads are balanced and bearing loads are significantly reduced. The low bearing loads extend compression element life and significantly reduce lifetime operating costs.

Water injected into the compression element provides cooling. The superior cooling properties of water allows the compressor to operate at a low temperature providing near isothermal compression, low power consumption and class leading efficiency levels. A reverse  cartridge filters the injection gas entering the compressor; as a result the gas is always maintained at a high purity level.

100% Oil-Free Construction

Low operating temperatures and bearing loads enable maintenance free sealed bearings to be used, totally removing the need for lubricating oil in the compressor. 100% oil-free compression is therefore guaranteed and the maintenance and environmental costs associated with oil and oil filter changes are eradicated.

Our diversity and range of equipment allow us to create a solution tailored to your specific needs by providing single or multiple gas air compressors equipped with all necessary accessories. Fornovo Gas has extensive experience fulfilling the temporary industrial gas nitrogen and air requirements. When the quality of gas air is important to you, when gas or air must remain clean and free of contamination, our 100% oil-free natural gas and air compressors and dryers meet the highest standards.

We collaborated with the  industry to join consumer experience and FORNOVO GAS expertise. You identified a need, and we met it. Together we created the OIL FREE 100%. Both provide quality, 100% oil-free natural gas or air. Simplified designs offer premium performance and minimal maintenance.

Fornovo Gas maintains a strong commitment to customer service and availability, with multiple locations across World to serve you better.

Help is available 24/7, and applications specialists stand ready to assist you by answering questions and developing individualized solutions for your specific needs. Reliability and quick response time are hallmarks of our performance-based reputation.

Today, with an extensive fleet of the best portable oil-free naturale gas or  air compressors available on the market, Fornovo gas is the leader in compressor production. Fornovo Gas has the experience and equipment to handle both large and small problems, and can bring equipment directly on-site to assist when a major industrial equipment component fails. We have proven that we can handle large fleet projects without interrupting day-to-day business operations.

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